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Te Urewera Park

Te Urewera is renown for the majesty of it's native forest. Federal legislation written in 1954 created the park, New Zealand's third largest, for the explicit use of the people.

Lake Waikaremoana, know locally as "sea of rippling water", is undoubtedly Te Urewera's crowning jewel. The lake is believed to have formed more than 2200 years ago by a devastating earthquake. The Waikaretaheke river gorge was blocked by a natural dam, created when the earthquake caused an enormous rock slip.

Today, Waikaremoana still retains its splendour being essentially untouched and having deep clear waters, bouldered headlands, protected bays, and shallow sandy shores. The Great Walk around the lake is one of only nine "Great Walks" in the country and is the best way to take in the full ambience of the lake. Panekire Bluff is literally the highpoint of the walk providing an all encompassing view of the lake and the park.

Te Urewera also offers many less adventurous experiences: beautiful water falls, forested springs, boulder caves, short nature trails, historic sites, sunny beaches, and many natural settings presenting a glimpse of the mystique and culture of a time gone by.

Our Accommodation Option For Te Urewera Park

We provide lovely Lake waikaremoana Great Walk accommodation close to Onepoto, the start of the Great Walk, and close to many short day walks at the lake and within the park.  

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