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Power Stations at Lake Waikaremoana

There are three hydroelectric Waikaremoana Power stations in the Wairoa District taking water from Lake Waikaremoana to generate electricity: Kaitawa, Tuai and Piripaua. Tunnels, completed in 1929, take the water from Lake Waikaremoana to the power stations in turn, and to their associated lakes: Lake Kaitawa and Lake Whakamarino. From the Piripaua Power Station, the water flows into the Waikaretaheke River.

The Tuai Power station is the computer control hub for all 3 stations and is very scenic, having had an outdoor makeover including palm trees and a picnic area. There are also two swimming access points with stairs, and a short promenade along the lake's shore. The Tuai Power station race is renowned for trophy brown and rainbow trout fly fishing.

Contractors visiting the area for work with Genesis Energy to support their hydroelectric investment at Waikaremoana will find the village of Tuai close and convenient. Read more information for contractors here.

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